Exterior Add On’s

Carnauba Wax

Unlike those cheap wax jobs that you can get at a corner car wash, we use high quality refined Brazilian Carnauba wax.

This premium wax will protect your vehicle from water spots, UV rays, and pollution while giving you an unbelievable wet shine.

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Clay Bar

While your vehicle ages, impurities, dirt, overspray, and fallout get stuck to the paint. These impurities keep the vehicle from displaying its shine and gloss to it’s fullest potential. These impurities can only be removed from the paint by a professional Clay Bar service. Always wax after clay.

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Headlight Restoration

Cleans yellow, foggy headlights, restoring shine and clarity.

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NeonLight Glaze

NeonLight Glaze Is hybrid radiant finish gloss enhancer and sealant all in one. It provides one of the deepest glosses in any car’s paint while covering minor imperfections and swirls leaving behind a near perfect surface.

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